Keep Your Divorce a Civil Matter

Keep Your Divorce a Civil Matter

Minimize stress by working with a divorce attorney in Baraboo, WI

A turbulent divorce creates unnecessary pain for you and your children. Make things more manageable by bringing a respectful divorce attorney from Masana Law, LLC into the situation. We'll help you maintain healthy relationships with your spouse and children during this painful transition.

Your separation doesn't need to leave your family in shambles. Contact Baraboo, Wisconsin's premier divorce attorney today for a free consultation.

Turn to a family law attorney for custody help

Family law involves more than just the division of property during a divorce. Couples rely on our compassionate family law attorney for legal guidance regarding:

  • Custody agreements-create a healthy, positive custody arrangement for your child.
  • Guardianships-gain guardianship over a disabled parent or a child over the age of 18.
  • Adoptions-count on us to file all the paperwork so you can become the legal parent of your child.

You can also trust us to help you with common law marriages and civil unions in the Baraboo, WI area. Consult a family law attorney today by calling 608-448-4109.